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    Nǐ Haǒ!  Baguio Patriotic High School welcomes you wholeheartedly to be a part of our school.

BPHS was established in 1918 by the Chinese community of Baguio to  provide learning opportunities for Filipino—Chinese children.  It is a non-profit, non-sectarian  and service oriented community school.  To date, it continuous to be the center of Chinese education in the City of Pines.

    The school is now equipped with well-ventilated classrooms, medical-dental clinic, laboratory, library, computer rooms, audio-visual room, canteen, home economics room and a gymnasium that can accommodate no less than 1,500 students. Many of our school equipment and facilities have been updated, new instructional materials and books were introduced to meet the needs of the elementary and high school students. To complement the physical upgrading of our educational facilities, regular in service training programs are given to teachers to improve teaching efficiency. Our curriculum has been revised to meet the educational challenges of the 21st century.

    Now, since its establishment in 1918 and having gone through and withstood economic difficulties, war, fire and natural calamities and with the support of the members of the Chinese Community, friends, alumni and warm-hearted people, the Baguio Patriotic High School has survived and developed into what it is today.

    At present, BPHS helps to integrate Filipino, Filipino-Chinese and Chinese students into the mainstream of Philippine society.  It is committed to instill in the students necessary values that will strengthen their moral and ethical character to become a community of people grounded in their  culture but are global citizens. 


百年华校  百年树人


1、幼儿部  幼小  幼中  幼大

2、小学部  一至六年级

3 中学部  一至四年级

4、特色班  招收各年级华语插班生









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