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In 1918, the Chinese Community of Baguio and Benguet, headed by Lo Sien Hing, established a "one-room" school within a private house to educate the Chinese youngsters of the area. There were ten (10) students that enrolled to form the first group of pupils who became the pioneers of the institution. Since then, student population grew rapidly and to cope with the educational demands of the members of the Chinese community, the construction of a proposed three-storey building begun in 1920. While this structure was undergoing construction, it was destroyed by a strong typhoon. Through the tireless efforts, dedication and commitment to provide Chinese education to the youth of our community, our forefathers continued with the project despite the insurmountable difficulties and finally a two storey edifice was completed and inaugurated on January 23, 1921 in place of the original three-storey plan.

As years rolled by, the two-storey building was no longer adequate to meet and accommodate the increasing number of students. The school was then operating both an English Department and a complete Chinese Department with three year junior and three year senior high school program. Thus, in 1960, the construction of a bigger school begun and was completed in the early part of 1963. It was later inaugurated on April 14, 1963.
In the late 60's and early 70's, our country was shaken by social, economic and political restiveness among the masses, particularly the youth. This led to the declaration of Martial Law in 1972. Massive reforms in all sectors of the government were undertaken. The Philippine Educational System was not spared. In 1976, the government "filipinized" all Chinese schools in the entire country. Our school, the Baguio Chinese Patriotic High School was renamed Baguio Patriotic High School. It adopted the four year high school educational system and the only subject retained in the Chinese Department was the Chinese Language, which is offered as an elective subject. The organizational set-up and administrative policies were modified to comply with the requirements under Presidential Decree No. 1.

The school is now equipped with well-ventilated classrooms, medical-dental clinic, laboratory, library, computer rooms, audio-visual room, canteen, home economics room and a gymnasium that can accommodate no less than 1,500 students. Many of our school equipment and facilities have been updated, new instructional materials and books were introduced to meet the needs of the elementary and high school students. To complement the physical upgrading of our educational facilities, regular in service training programs are given to teachers to improve teaching efficiency. Our curriculum has been revised to meet the educational challenges of the 21st century.

Now, since its establishment in 1918 and having gone through and withstood economic difficulties, war, fire and natural calamities and with the support of the members of the Chinese Community, friends, alumni and warm-hearted people, the Baguio Patriotic High School has survived and developed into what it is today. cms Joomla template
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